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Download the app and use your imagination to interpret one work challenges in your own glorious & unique way - the wittier the better. 

Submit the photos to our real-life judges to get points, climb the leaderboard and win.


Free to download and free to play duing April & May 2014


Best enjoyed with company - recruit a friend or four to play along

From bars to your kitchen - it doesn't matter. Use your surroundings for inspiration

You'll have 2 hours to complete the challenges once you're in the game

Real judges will score each picture out of 10. The more you impress, the more points you get

Your final score will be up on the Leaderboard before the night is done




ChallengeOff - brought to you by the Daredevil Project

Daredevil Project makes Challenge games for events, brands & your phone.

The game concept was conceived by founder Paul Archer, a double World Record holding Adventurer, high up on the Tibetan Plateau whilst driving an old London Black Cab around the world.

We believe your phone can be a force for mischief, a tool for more than tedious bird games and gastronomic photography: something that brings people together in the real world.

The company is based the the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, England and selected to be part of the WebStart incubator, the company is growing so please get in touch if you fancy being involved or want to commission a game.

What Do I Need?

Your iOS or Android phone, your friends, your surroundings and a few brain cells to rub together.

How Does It Work?

Download the app from the Apple App Store™ or Google Play Store™ and get on with it.

Complete the one word challenges in your own glorious and unique way.

Upload the photos and get rated & ranked by our real-life judges. 

Who Are The Judges?

The term ‘shits and giggles’ is very appropriate for our judges. They have been selected on their history of doing amazing and pointless things.

They are idiots who float down rapids in plastic tubs and people who go down slopes very fast on bits of wood (and win medals for it) – there’s also the guy who drove a taxi around the world to see how high the meter would go who started the whole thing.

Then What?

Check out the leaderboards to see how you’ve done against your mates, colleagues, neighbours, enemies and everyone else. Can you stay at the top of the table?!

What Do I Win?

Honour, glory, bragging rights and maybe even some cool swag. There will be prizes for top performers, and maybe a few other awards if anyone is particularly outlandish.